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Here you can find some links to free sample chapters provided by our publisher, World Scientific. As promised in the book, we’d also like to publish the full Notes section with online references for reader convenience. 

Sample Chapters

These files are made available as PDFs, so your computer must have the Adobe PDF Reader or Acrobat installed in order to view them. Each file contains the full-text of the chapter; endnotes are included in the next section.


Chapter 1 


Almost all research in the book has been cross-checked and we have provided the best or original reference location via a hyperlink. Click on the individual chapter to see its relevant research. Click here for the full Endnotes page, or jump directly to a given chapter’s notes section by clicking below:

INTRODUCTION – China, the Land of Mystery: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
CHAPTER 1 – China’s Three Primary Growth Drivers
CHAPTER 2 – The Drivers of the Drivers
CHAPTER 3 – The Supertrends
CHAPTER 4 – Value-adding to Make Better Things, Innovating to Make Things Better
CHAPTER 5 – Serving Me:Urbanization and the Service Industry
CHAPTER 6 – Health, Education, and Leisure: Enjoying Life as a Market of One
CHAPTER 7 – Text Me: A Boundaryless Society with Instant Networking
CHAPTER 8 – Affluencing: China’s Accumulation of Wealth and Influence
CHAPTER 9 – Red China Goes Green: Saving Energy, Reducing Waste