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You are reading China Supertrends, a China trend and business news blog that focuses on the many exciting developments in the People’s Republic of China.

AboutThe focus of this site is China’s economy and doing business in China, in the areas of the manufacturing, service, and environmental industries, and occasional coverage of technology and finance sectors. The main topics revolve around what are called the supertrends, the major forces shaping the future of business in China: New Manufacturing, Urbanization, Sustainability and Affluence. The supertrends cross industry boundaries and influence the business, culture, and society of China. They are the top trends in China’s changing economic, demographic and cultural environment.

The moderator of China Supertrends is Jason Inch. Jason is a China-based strategy consultant, professor and professional speaker with 14 years of experience in Asia, and has been in China since 2004.

Jason is the author of China’s Economic Supertrends, published by InChina Publishing in April 2012. This is the first volume in a three-volume series which is collectively known as “China’s Supertrends.”

He is also the co-author of  Supertrends of Future China, written together with Dr. James K. Yuann, published in 2008 by World Scientific.

This site represents the personal opinions of the moderator only.